Welcome to the dialog plattform of PID Network Germany

This is the central dialog and information platform of the project "PID Network Germany- Network for the Promotion of Persistent Identifiers in Science and Culture" funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).
The platform bundles central information on PIDs and supports the project's public relations work as well as knowledge transfer on the topic. The information focuses on 10 different use cases of PIDs. On the pages you will find information on the cases in which PIDs are useful, which PIDs are available for the respective use case and where they can be applied for.

Within the project duration, it will be successively extended by information on international standards, best practices, FAQs and consulting services.
In addition, news on the development, application and implementation of PIDs will be communicated via the mailing list "PID Dialog" as well as our project social media channels on Mastodon and Twitter. We look forward to you following us here.